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Avery, CA: A Place to Call Home in Calaveras County

Avery, California, offers a unique opportunity for those seeking a blend of serene living and smart investment. In contrast to the bustling real estate markets of nearby areas, Avery presents a more relaxed, buyer-friendly environment.

  • A Buyer's Market: Time on Your Side: Avery currently experiences a colder real estate market, meaning buyers have the luxury of taking their time to make the right choice. Homes here typically sell for 7% below the listing price, offering an excellent opportunity for savvy buyers to negotiate a great deal.
  • Affordable Pricing: Value Meets Quality: The median sale price in Avery was a steady $395,000 last month. This consistent pricing, unchanged over the last 12 months, indicates a stable market, ideal for those looking for predictable and fair pricing. The sale price range, standing firmly at $395K, reflects the uniformity and reliability in Avery's real estate values.
  • Efficient Investment: Price per Square Foot: The median sale price per square foot was $313, consistent with the range of $313 to $313. This stability in pricing per square foot, with no change over the past year, suggests that Avery offers a solid investment for those concerned with value for money.
  • Understanding Market Dynamics: The median days on the market for homes in Avery last month was an extended 162 days, a significant increase from previous months, indicating a 100% change over the last year. This slower pace allows buyers to thoroughly explore their options without the pressure of a fast-moving market.
  • Home Sales Trends: On average, about 1 home is sold per month in Avery. The range of homes sold per month has fluctuated between 0 to 1, reflecting a 100% decrease over the past year. This trend further underscores Avery's status as a buyer's market, where choices can be made without haste.

Why Avery, CA? Avery is more than a location; it's a lifestyle choice. It's perfect for those who value peace, stability, and the freedom to make well-informed real estate decisions. Whether you're searching for a family home, a retirement haven, or a wise investment, Avery offers an array of choices to match your aspirations.

Embark on Your Real Estate Journey If Avery's calm and steady real estate market appeals to you, I am here to guide you through every step. Contact me to explore the unique opportunities Avery has to offer, schedule property viewings, or discuss your specific real estate goals. Together, we can find your ideal home in the beautiful setting of Avery, CA.

Avery, CA Real Estate FAQs

Here are some questions our clients are asking us.

Homes in Avery, CA, have been selling for an average price around $395,000. This figure represents the median sale price in the recent months, showcasing Avery's affordability in the real estate market.

No, the real estate market in Avery, CA, is currently characterized as a cold market. This means there's less competition among buyers, and properties tend to stay on the market longer. This cooler market trend allows buyers more time to make decisions and potentially negotiate better deals.

Homes in Avery, CA, have been experiencing a longer stay on the market, with the median days on market recently reported as 162 days. This indicates a significant increase in the time it takes for homes to sell compared to previous periods, reflecting the current buyer-friendly market conditions.

Yes, Avery has a neighborly and family-friendly atmosphere. The community is known for its high rate of owner-occupied homes, with about 89% of properties being owner-occupied. This contributes to a stable and engaged community. Additionally, the average household size in Avery is 2.3 members, suggesting a close-knit and familial environment ideal for those seeking a community-oriented lifestyle.

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